Commercial Air Conditioning Service

While air conditioning systems provide cooler indoor conditions when the outside temperatures begin to soar, the benefits of commercial air conditioning systems stand out even more. When operating a business throughout Connecticut, keeping the temperatures within a comfortable range promotes a more desired atmosphere for your staff and customers. This ensures that you don’t have people running for the door every chance that they get. This means better productivity, safer indoor air quality, and a place where your customers want to spend their time. At Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning, we are here to ensure that all of your commercial AC service needs are met.

Our team of licensed and certified commercial AC contractors is ready to jump to action when you need AC services for your business facilities. They understand the importance of maintaining a current level of education, knowledge, and training to provide the care you deserve. From continued training seminars to leading product knowledge within the industry, you can rest assured we have the professionals available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Common Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Through the years there have been many advancements made within the commercial heating and cooling industry. Machines have been built to ensure that no matter the size of the facilities in which they are placed or the amount of stress that the machine goes through due to continued use, you can find the AC system that serves your needs.

The professional contractors at Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning are able to service all types of commercial air conditioning systems. These systems include:


Single Split Systems

Often found in smaller businesses such as boutiques, shops, delis, and electronic server rooms, these types of cooling systems offer the ability to cool individual rooms. The single split AC systems pair an indoor unit with an outdoor unit for their cooling capabilities. These systems are designed to deliver an energy-efficient operation.


Multi-Split Systems

Multi-split AC systems operate in the same manner as single split systems, except that multiple indoor units can operate in unison with a single outdoor unit. These systems give you the capability to cool multiple rooms or larger spaces with ease. It is necessary to install a piping system to vent the cooler air to various points around your commercial building.


VRF or VRV Systems


A various refrigerant flow (VRF) or various refrigerant volume (VRV) system, is found in larger commercial facilities such as though installed in hotels, retail stores, churches, and factories. These systems are the most complex to install, maintain, and repair.


Important Role of Proper Commercial AC Maintenance

There is no room to dispute the fact that regular maintenance is needed to ensure those indoor temperatures are kept at a comfort level when the summer months approach. However, there are many other roles that proper commercial AC maintenance plays within your business facilities. Properly
maintaining your AC system ensures that the air quality that flows throughout your business is healthy and free of allergens or bacteria that is possible to spread through larger business buildings. The AC contractor ensures the system and all duct work is clean while filters are replaced as needed.

Commercial air conditioning systems are quite the investment when installing them. Regular maintenance that’s offered through Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. will maximize your air condition unit and its many components as well as reduce the likelihood of emergency repair services that are otherwise encountered. Most maintenance services can be completed quickly. The technicians on stall understand how disruptions can affect your business and work diligently to ensure these situations are avoided whenever possible.

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