Commercial Boiler Replacement

With the high demand for output placed on commercial boiler systems to produce consistent heating throughout business facilities, the various components of these HVAC appliances get a real workout. While the different parts that make up these machines can be repaired, there comes a point when repair services just aren’t enough. At Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning, we have strived to ensure we can offer our customers throughout the area professional commercial boiler replacement services to give them back the heating capabilities they have come to depend on their boiler systems providing.


Understanding When Replacement Services are Your Best Option

It is understandable that businesses want to limit the expenses they have for replacing current HVAC systems. However, there comes a time when boiler system replacement services may be the wisest investment you can make. Some clear signs that your business may require boiler replacement include:


Inconsistent Heat

If you notice a substantial change in the amount of heat that is delivered through the registers of your boiler system, this may indicate that your boiler is failing to keep up. While our technicians are happy to come out and perform maintenance and repairs to the boiler system, they may find that it would best serve your business’s heating needs to have the system updated. This is especially true when your commercial boiler system is at least 15 years old. By choosing to upgrade this HVAC equipment you can gain a wide range of benefits that you didn’t get to experience with the older system.


Unusual Noises

Over time you become accustomed to the normal noises that your commercial boiler system produces. However, when these noises change or new sounds are experienced this could be signaling a cry for help from your boiler. Having boiler replacement services performed will eliminate any unwanted or worrisome noises that you hear coming from your heating system. This can decrease disruptions throughout the workplace as well.


High Energy Costs

Are you seeing a spike in energy costs throughout your business? It is estimated that 39-percent of all energy costs are directly related to your HVAC system. Having your boiler system inspected will give you a better idea on how you can save should you choose to upgrade your boiler appliances. The average savings that new boiler units provide are as much as 30-percent. This equates to quite a lot of money over the span of a year.


Regular Repair Requirements

Are you constantly calling for boiler system repairs? If so, you may actually be spending more on the repair services and technician’s labor costs than what a new boiler system would be. Our technicians here at Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning are happy to meet with you to discuss the different boiler system units available to help you enjoy your investment to the max. These professionals are always able to answer your questions or put your concerns to rest through high-quality products and services that allow you to reach the goals you have for your HVAC equipment.

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