Commercial Furnace Replacement

Is your commercial furnace struggling to keep up with the drop in outdoor temperatures? If so, this may be costing your business much more than just the comfortable indoor heat you are losing out on. Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning has helped local businesses avoid situations such as:


  • Employee absences due to illnesses related to poor indoor air quality related to heating equipment and cold temperatures.
  • High utility costs related to failing HVAC equipment.
  • Excessive emergency repair services to get the furnace back in operating condition.
  • Loss of productivity or sales due to the commercial facilities having to close.
  • Structural risks due to fire or health hazards related to faulty furnace systems.


The professional technicians on staff are able to offer information backed by extensive training and years of experience to assist you in choosing a commercial furnace replacement to meet your needs. The team works diligently to meet the unique needs that each customer has and provides services required to do without major disruptions to day-to-day business operations. Most services can be completed quickly, so your company can continue to run smoothly even during the coldest weather conditions.


Knowing When Furnace Replacement is the Best Solution

Purchasing HVAC equipment for your business facilities is a major investment. You deserve to get the most life from these machines as possible. So, when is it time to upgrade and consider the need for commercial furnace replacement? Here are some factors that can provide clarity for these needs.


Age of Existing Furnace

The average lifespan of a commercial furnace is 15 to 25 years. However, with the many advancements that have taken place within the HVAC industry choosing to upgrade your equipment will allow you to take advantage of lower energy costs and advanced monitoring capabilities.


Frequent or Expensive Repairs

When you are calling a technician to service your commercial furnace often or encounter expensive repair needs that jeopardize the operation of your business, choosing to have these heating systems replaced may be the most economical solution available.


Indoor Comfort Level

If you are paying for your heating system to operate, it is understandable that you should expect to enjoy the benefits of warm air that the system is intended to produce. When this doesn’t happen you can face situations such as employee absences, poor productivity, and customer disruptions.


Excessive Noise

Is your furnace making a lot of noise when in operation? If so, this may be a clear sign that the internal components are struggling. These noises can also create uncomfortable work environments in more ways than just one.


Economical Options Do Exist

Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning understands your desire to save money on the heating equipment you install in your business. Working with the technicians can provide you with insight into savings packages that are available by local, state, and federal agencies to help keep the costs of commercial furnace replacement affordable. These incentives include grants to help pay for the costs of these machines, rebates for the costs you incur, and tax credits for your business.

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