Commercial Hot Water Heater Installation

You depend on your hot water heater to provide adequate amounts of heated water at any given time. To ensure these appliances are living up to your expectations, there is much more to their installation than simply putting them into place and connecting the supply lines. At Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning, we have the means to ensure that your new hot water heating system will deliver the results you are seeking for a long time to come.

All commercial hot water heating system installation services entrusted to our company are completed by some of the highest trained and certified contractors within the commercial plumbing industry. They work diligently to provide you with fast service and are prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Their level of expertise within this field will put your mind at ease when it comes to the products and services to create a hot water heating system that your business will find beneficial.


What to Know Before Your Installation Services

There are some things that you should know prior to having your new hot water heater installed. These factors will help ensure that your new system hits the mark when it comes to meeting your highest level of expectations.


Ensure the new hot water heater is adequately sized.

Too often businesses shop around for their new hot water heating system based on price. This can mean that you don’t select the appropriately sized unit to keep up with the demands for hot water that your company relies on. Our technicians will work with you when it comes to finding the right size unit for your business.


Get all the facts concerning any additional requirements your new unit may require.

Each make and model hot water heating unit has specific installation needs that must be met to ensure proper operation. This may mean that
different piping materials are necessary to keep up with the pressure of the water flow. It could also mean that new electrical connections are required for the functions and features the water heater offers. The contractor working with you will be able to explain all of these different requirements to you prior to the start of installation.


Have a clear schedule of services that you can pass along to your employees.

This will allow your staff to be better prepared for the day of installation as the hot water supply may need to be turned off momentarily. While our company does make every effort to minimize disruptions to your daily business operation, to ensure the safety and proper installation minimal adjustments may be necessary.


Benefits of Working with a Team That Cares

At Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning, our commercial plumbing technicians are qualified to install the various water heater options businesses throughout the area depend on. By working with our company, you will find that we can provide a safe and clean work environment throughout the duration of water heater installation in your business facilities. Our products include only the trusted brand names that you know. All of our products and services are backed by the highest guarantees to ensure you are satisfied with the new water heater you have selected.

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