Building Science Division

Tired of high heating bills? Do you suffer from allergies? Is your house dusty? Are some rooms too cold? Are some rooms too hot?

If any of the above conditions exist, you may want to call us and inquire about our Home Performance Test.

Home Performance Test

  • Identify home leakage visually
  • Equate leakage to affects on humidity, comfort, utility cost, as compared to national standards
  • Provide an on-site report containing leakage size compared to national standard
  • Homeowner provided written room-by-room report of findings with itemized proposal to repair
  • All tests performed with special equipment linked to state of the art software

Digital Imaging of Structure

  • Identifies air leaks
  • Identifies insulation discrepancies
  • Locates water leaks, i.e. in floor radiant heat

Indoor Air Quality Testing

  • Indoor advice meters, measures temperature, RH, particulates, CO, CO2 and VOC’s
  • Hobie, Dickson – temperate, humidity
  • Computerized reports to help diagnose indoor concerns for potential solution

Do You Have A Leaky & Poorly Insulated Pull Down Attic Stair?
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