Leaky and Poorly Insulated Pull Down Attic Stairs

Do You Have A Leaky & Poorly Insulated Pull Down Attic Stair?

Common Problems They Cause:Discomfort:

  • The pull down disappearing attic stair is one of the leakiest and most poorly insulated parts of the home, causing cold drafts and excessive dryness in winter, excessive humidity in summer & uneven temperatures year round.
  • Dust and Health:
  • It lets in unsightly and unhealthy attic particles into your home: dust, insulation fibers, mold spores, rodent droppings, insects and insect parts.
  • Energy Waste:
  • The attic stair’s air leakage and poorly insulated surface waste tremendous heating and cooling energy.

The Answer: An Attic Stair Zipper Seal

Features and Benefits Of The Attic Stair Zipper Seal:

  • Reduces dust and allergy suffering, helps keep insulation from falling into your home
  • Makes your home more comfortable year round
  • Pays for itself through lower heating and cooling bills
  • Easy zipper operation, maintains easy attic access
  • Fire safe: exceeds National Building Code Requirements; ASTM E84-03 for flame spread