Residential Furnace Installation

There is a high level of comfort knowing that even when the outdoor temperatures begin to cool off, with one flick of a switch you can enjoy the cozy, warm atmosphere indoors that your furnace delivers. Unfortunately, when your home’s heating system is outdated or experiences the need for replacement this may not be the case. Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning understand these situations all too well.

Our team offers top brand furnace equipment to help you feel confident that your indoor temperatures and air quality are safe throughout all cold weather instances. Not only will our team of trained and certified technicians help you make the decision on the best products to meet your needs, but we will also arrange for professional residential furnace installation that you can trust. We maintain a safe work environment from start to finish and even leave our workspace clean when services are completed.


Benefits You Can Expect When Entrusting Your Furnace Installation to Our Team

Having your new furnace installed by the technicians here at Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning comes with many benefits. Our technicians understand all of the laws and regulations specific to the HVAC industry within our service area. This allows them to secure any necessary permits and inspections for you prior to and following your residential furnace installation.

Understanding the weather trends and expectations specific to our region will help make suggestions as to the energy efficiency tips for your furnace operation. This includes suggested settings and maintenance recommendations to ensure your home’s heating system is operating at its peak throughout the entire cold weather season. You will have the ability to ask your questions and have any concerns answered by the professionals that know your HVAC equipment inside and out.

Our residential furnace installation technicians arrive ready to get the job done. With their level of expertise and understanding of the specific installation needs for each make and model furnace, their vehicles already have the necessary basics on board. This saves both time and money.


Save Money Through Available Programs

With the importance placed on promoting energy efficient homes throughout our community, you will find many organizations and agencies that offer savings incentives to homeowners that wish to install new furnaces for their homes. Our company works hard to stay educated when it comes to these incentives. We are able to pass along information to you concerning HVAC grants, manufacturer rebates, and tax incentives currently offered. It is our mission to save our customers their hard-earned money while ensuring they are able to enjoy comfortable and safe homes where their HVAC equipment is of concern.

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