Residential Heat Pump Installation

Considering replacing your furnace and air conditioner with a heat pump? Has your existing heat pump reached the end of its life? Edgerton, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning offers affordable residential heat pump installation to keep your home toasty warm during the cold Connecticut winters.

What Is a Heat Pump?
A heat pump works just like an air conditioner except it can cool or reverse. During the warm months, the heat pump absorbs heat in your home by passing the air over a coil. When the air is cooled, it’s circulated through your home. During the winter, a heat pump can reverse this process by pulling warmer air from the outdoors and ground and bringing it into the home. Even on very cold days, there is always some heat outdoors that can be extracted. While a heat pump’s optimal temperature range in the winter is 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit, it can still be effective until temperatures drop below zero. This makes a heat pump an ideal heating source in Connecticut.

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation
A heat pump has a lot to offer. It can combine your home’s heating and cooling into one system for lower installation, maintenance, and repair costs. It’s also a cost-effective and reliable way to add a heating system to a home without ductwork. A new heat pump can use existing ducts for a furnace and central AC but it can be installed without ducts as well to retrofit an older home with energy efficient heating.

One of the biggest benefits of a heat pump is the energy savings. Replacing baseboard heaters with a ductless heat pump can reduce energy costs by 25-40%. Heat pumps are twice as efficient as electric furnaces and four times more efficient than gas and oil furnaces. For the average household in the Northeast, switching from an electric furnace to a heat pump can save $300 or more per year according to the Department of Energy. While the efficiency of a heat pump does decline as the temperature drops, heat pumps are still incredibly efficient and able to keep your home warm, even in the dead of winter.

Not sure if a heat pump is right for your home? Heat pumps are more efficient at heating than cooling so they offer the best savings in areas that have higher heating needs than cooling needs, such as the Northeast rather than the South. In The Northeast where electric-resistance and oil heating is most common, heat pumps can provide substantial savings by delivering up to 2.5 times more heat using the same amount of energy.

Like air conditioners, heat pumps have SEER ratings that indicate their energy efficiency. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit. Some heat pumps also have advanced technology to heat air such as variable-capacity controls to coordinate the system’s blower and compressor to adjust to heating and cooling load requirements rather than running the system constantly at full capacity.

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