Residential Heat Pump Replacement

Your heat pump keeps you cool in the summer and comfortable throughout the cold winter months. If your heat pump is reaching the end of its life, it’s important to replace it before it fails unexpectedly and leaves you without a heating or cooling system for your home. At Edgerton, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning, we take pride in offering affordable and reliable residential heat pump replacement to keep your family comfortable year-round.

Signs You Need a New Heat Pump

A heat pump usually lasts around 15 years although some can wear out after 10-12 years and newer models may last even longer. How well your heat pump is maintained plays a big role in how long it lasts but it can also depend on your location and the type of heat pump you have. Before your heat pump wears out for good, you will likely notice several signs that it’s preparing to fail. It may not run as efficiently or heat as well as it did or you may notice strange noises when it’s running.

Not sure if it’s time for heat pump replacement? Watch for these signs.

  • Your unit isn’t producing the right temperature based on its setting. On the warm setting, the unit may produce cool air or vice versa. This may be caused by low refrigerant levels but cool air production when the unit is set to warm can be a sign of a damaged compressor.
  • Temperature output is consistent. Your heat pump should consistently provide the right air temperature for your selecting setting. When it can’t, it’s a sign the system needs to be replaced.
  • Decreased air flow. Unless you have clogged filters, diminished air flow is a sign the compressor is ready to fail.
  • Strange smells or noises. A heat pump in good, working order should be nearly silent with some normal sounds as it cycles. When the system makes different noises that are minor, it may mean a part is loose or clogged with dirt and the system needs to be serviced. Buzzing, ticking, rattling, grinding, and screeching noises, however, indicate a much more serious problem. The unit may also give off foul odors when it’s ready to fail.
  • The system is short cycling. Your unit should cycle off and on to maintain the temperature you set. If your heat pump tends to turn off randomly, more frequently than normal, or it turns off and on rapidly, it’s a sign it’s malfunctioning. Short cycling stresses the heat pump and, if it isn’t fixed soon, it can cause premature failure.
  • • More frequent repairs. As your heat pump gets older, it will likely need extra servicing and repairs. While occasional repairs are normal, several service calls in a year show that the heat pump’s remaining life is limited. Heat pump replacement isn’t just in the near future: it can also be the most economical solution.
    Energy Star rated model
  • Your heat pump is more than 10 years old. Replacing it with an Energy Star rated model can save you significantly on heating and cooling.
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