Plumbing and HVAC Services for New Canaan CT


At Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning, we are invested in the plumbing and HVAC needs of our neighbors throughout the New Canaan community. Our products, services, and experiences give us the opportunity to deliver positive results for residential and commercial needs within our industry. Our capabilities ensure we have what it takes to meet the highest level of expectations whether we are updating the HVAC equipment within one of the stately Victorian buildings that stand prominently in the Historic District of New Canaan Connecticutt or providing full design plans for the plumbing and heating systems of one of the modern homes within the communiy’s stately subdivisions.


Saving Our Environment One Service at a Time


If you are an Eversource Energy customer living in New Canaan, you have probably seen an increase on your energy bill even if you haven not increased the amount you are using in your home or business. At Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning, we have solutions to help you combat these rising costs for residential and commercial electric and natural gas services you depend on.

Our maintenance services give licensed and certified technicians the ability to clean and condition the plumbing and HVAC systems you depend on. The diagnostic services performed during maintenance and cleaning offer a look into the internal components of your equipment. Even if your systems are operating as you feel they should, some problems can go unnoticed until it is time to call for emergency repairs. These inspections work to prevent unwanted situations such as this. When signs of wear or repair needs are necessary, you may be experiencing higher energy and gas usage without even knowing why. Our technicians will work to get these problems corrected quickly so your utility bills will go down.

Outdated plumbing and HVAC equipment that doesn’t carry the Energy Star logo may be costing you a small fortune. While you may hear some say that running the furnace or air conditioning system naturally makes the utility bills skyrocket, our team here at Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning can show you that this is a myth. We have state-of-the-art plumbing and HVAC appliances that meet the strictest standards within the Energy Star lineup. By installing appliances such as tankless water heaters, heat pumps, or mini split systems in your home or business facilities, we can show you firsthand that your bills can stay within an affordable level while you enjoy the comfort of a well-controlled plumbing, heating, or air conditioning atmosphere indoors.

Just getting started? Let the team here at Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning design the plumbing and HVAC system designs for your new or renovated home or business structure in New Canaan. These services will minimize costs you encounter by minimizing the distance needed for piping your system or where efficient appliance connections are necessary. For existing systems, we are able to utilize the current design layout to lessen the costs needed for new materials while installing the appliances that will make all of the difference with your utility bills. Schedule an appointment today and see the magic we are able to perform for your New Canaan friends and neighbors.


Extend the Life of Your Appliances to the Max


Purchasing plumbing and heating appliances such as hot water heaters, boilers, furnaces, central air conditioning systems, and ventilation equipment is quite an investment that home and business owners make. To maximize your confidence when utilizing these appliances, our team here at Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning offers the services you can trust. Whether you take advantage of our continuous service plans available or enlist our help with a one-time repair, you will find that we are focused on maximizing your equipment to its fullest lifespan.

The following is a list of examples published by the National Association of Home Builders for the lifespan of some of the most common plumbing and HVAC appliances you depend on in your New Canaan home and business facilities.

• Furnaces last an average of 15-20 years
• Heat pumps have a lifespan of 16 years
• Air conditioning units last an average of 10-15 years
• Tankless water heaters are built to last more than 20 years on average
• Electric and gas water heater units are built to provide 10 years of service

These are averages and do not depict the actual time each appliance will last. Times of appliance service for your resiential and commercial plumbing and HVAC needs will vary on the specific models, designs, usage, and other factors that they encounter through their life time of service.


Expert Products, Services, and Advice at Your Service


Whether you are searching for new products, repair services, or simply have questions and concerns related to your plumbing and HVAC needs, you can trust that Edgerton Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help. Our team takes your needs within this industry very serious. We work hard to stay informed of all products, technology, and services that are offered for these systems you depend on.

We are able to accommodate most schedules to provide you with consultations and services that fit your lifestyle. We work quickly to get your plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment up and working when repairs are necessary. Our team of contractors, designers, and technicians are constantly attending training sessions to ensure they can meet your needs. We work within all local, state, and federal guidelines so that you can feel as confident as possible that your New Canaan, CT home or business facilities are safe and secure where your plumbing and HVAC systems are of concern. From securing necessary permits to having final inspections performed, we go the full mile to help you in your time of need. Contact our team today. We will show you how we have obtained the standing of being a leader within the plumbing and HVAC industries throughout our community.